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Urban Lab Wireless Consulting will help you create a personalized, sustainable and profitable wireless retail strategy based on your company's needs, no matter the size; from analysis to solution to implementation.

podcast production.

We're incredibly excited to announce that we've added 'Podcast Production for Wireless Companies' to our Urban Lab Wireless Consulting Services! Let us help you create + distribute a monthly company podcast!

Why Do You Need A Company Podcast?

Deliver Consistent Messaging Across Levels

Build Company Culture

Educate Employees

Develop Leaders

Build An Employee Network Within Your Organization

Promote Internal Company Initiatives

Encourage Self-Growth

How Does it Work?  Our podcast production service is all inclusive - we provide everything you need to have a successful podcast, including:

Hosting by Dave Turis (Host of 'In the Lab' Podcast)


Live Producer

Pre + Post Production

Space for (1) :30 Ad + Sponsor Message

Free Option for Distribution to Podcast Platforms, Including; iTunes, Google Play, Spotify + More

Your Content + Guests

Free Option to Co-Host

Sounds Cool, But How Much?

6 Episodes (6 Months) - $3,000 OR Save $200 with 12 Episodes (12 Months) - $5,800

Visit the PRODUCTION page for an Example 'Wireless Company' Podcast and Downloadable Flyer.

roleplay application w/ video-chat.

Skale is an affordable, video-chat solution poised to complement and surpass the standard LMS approach to training employees in the art of sales. We make roleplays easy to start; and give you the tools and visibility to track when they’re happening, what your reps are practicing, and how their sales are impacted.

Skale creates software that transforms organizations into self-teaching communities. Peers are connected through the Skale mobile app to regularly learn, teach, and practice skills. As they gain mastery of skills, peers become certified to teach those skills to their peers, thus massively scaling 1-on-1 mastery-based learning.

How Does Skale Work?

Employees download Skale on their mobile device. During set roleplaying hours or during down time, an employee marks themselves as available in the Skale app. The employee then gets matched with another employee who has done the same. Depending upon the relative mastery levels of these two employees, Skale assigns the teacher and learner roles. This pair of users then have a Skale guided video chat session.

What makes Skale different from existing training solutions (LMS, etc.)?

Other training tools (LMS platforms, video, text, quizzes, webinars, etc.) are excellent for compliance or purely knowledge-oriented training. However, it is overwhelmingly the case that employees still ineffectively interact with customers—even employees who flawlessly “excel” during LMS trainings. Skale provides the missing accountable practice sessions that are critical for your company’s success.

We already practice skills at our company. Why do we need Skale?

If you already engage in employee roleplay scenarios and practice exercises, congratulations! However, without Skale, the only way to have consistent practice is to co-locate your employees and your leadership, and that will become unmanageable as you grow your business beyond a handful of locations. Skale is simply the best possible tool to maintain your company’s employee excellence as you expand.

Do you have 20 minutes?  Email Dave for a free demo!


Urban Lab Wireless Consulting identifies game-changing business and sales opportunities through thought leadership.  Being obsessively curious and passionate about our clients, means we ask the questions others haven't thought to ask. 

Urban Lab Wireless Sales Analysis Includes:

Year Over Year Sales

Monthly Sales



P&L Analysis


A financial analysis will determine if your company is implementing the most successful sales model in the current environment, find money-saving opportunities within operational costs, and ensure consumer and company compliancy.


Urban Lab Wireless Financials Analysis Includes:

Pay Structure

Comp Structure



Operations Costs



Profit Margin


An operations analysis will tell you discrepancies and opportunities within your reverse logistics and inventory process.  It will highlight areas to improve compliancy and auditing procedures.


Urban Lab Wireless Operations Analysis Includes:

Reverse Logistics

Inventory Ordering



Return Merchandise Authorizations

Inventory Control

Inventory Counts


A personnel analysis will detail employee skill sets in relation to positions and personal sales techniques as well as looking closely at recruiting process and procedures to maximize recruiting efforts and retention.


Urban Lab Wireless Personnel Analysis Includes:


Staffing Levels

Staff Development


other services.

Add on any of the following services:


Management Training

Executive Development


National Recruiting

Secret Shopping

Real Estate Analysis

Human Resource Diagnostics

Kiosk Layout

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Prior to founding Urban Lab Wireless Consulting, Dave was the Vice President for Wireless Evolution, a Sprint Platinum Partner, responsible for leading the Company's Sales Teams and initiatives.

Dave started his wireless career with The Mobile Solution, and has since worked in the wireless industry as a Sales Executive, Market Trainer, Regional Sales Director, Market Director, General Manager and Vice President of Sales.


Dave has national senior management experience working for Fortune 1000 companies such as Nortel Networks, Autonomy Inc and Forest Pharmaceuticals.  He earned his BA from San Diego State University in 2001.  Dave has been married to his wife, Stacey for 17 years and has two children, Willow and Nikko.

'Dave is everything you could ask for in a sales leader: high personal integrity, positive, passionate about the business with a unique ability to connect with and influence others. He combines these softer skills with strong technical sales fundamentals making him an excellent coach with a track record of developing other leaders.'  -Ryan Smyth, CEO

'Dave Turis possesses a distinctive combination of leadership, sales skills and business acumen. Dave is a highly dedicated and energized professional with expertise in defining and executing sales strategies, opening new markets, and driving growth.  Under Dave's leadership he has built and lead high performing delivery teams that have exuded excitement, excellence, and energy.'  -Ron Enns, COO


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